About Us

You’ve arrived! We’re so amped to have you with us! WBKM.org is the result of a lifetime dream to be able to showcase the heartfelt musical energy of our region. Burlington is a vanguard music town. It’s known around the globe for cutting edge sounds and a distinctly wholesome, organic vibe. Many of us can attest that the nightlife has been alive and well in our region for many moons. Memories of nights in The Warehouse with the N-Zones, dancing to Pinhead or The Decentz, rolling with Pine Island, or ridin’ with Phish and Trey….we’ve been there….but no, not done that…..it’s still happening! Bands like The Grift, Lowell Thompson, or The WBKM Book’em BLues Band is still pumping great music thru our streets!

With the freedom to explore, WBKM.org will usher in the return of the DJ. Our hosts aim to deliver a “Show,” or a distinctly flavored authentic groove….we’re the ones who’ve danced beside you at the shows and we’ll be sharing our experiences….an on-going blog hopes to build a community connected thru the magic of shared vibrations! After over 35 years of combined professional radio and business experience the time has come to make a break from the narrow scope of commercial radio! Ahhhh, to bask in the warmth of Joni Mitchell, surf the edge with Neil Young, or feel the passion of Springsteen, we aim to connect and play tunes from the heart. So just sign on and we’ll place you right here – down on the corner- out in Main Street, Burlington. The Nectar’s neon is still spinning and a new memory is calling you.
Onward in the grand adventure….so glad you’re here! We are The Heart of Burlington, WBKM.org…..Burlington’s Kinda Music.

Eric Koval
Tony Gallucci

Toni and Eric